No, hours working in court will not be credited to CLEP. CLEP is a law school activity; exercise of profession is different from law practice; hours spent as a student is not the same as hours spent as an employee.

——–Please refer to Sec. 2 of the Rule 138 – A

Clinical Legal Education Program is an experiential, interactive and reflective credit-earning teaching course with the objectives of providing law students with practical knowledge, skills and values necessary for the application of the law, delivery of legal services and promotion of social justice and public interest, especially to the marginalized, while inculcating in the students the values of ethical lawyering and public service. It consists of learning activities covered by this Rule undertaken in either a l) law clinic or an 2) externship, which shall incorporate the teaching of legal theory and doctrines, practical skills, as well as legal ethics.

Note: Schools should consider innovative ways to consider concerns of working students (ex. hour-based v. milestone-based assessment); consider profile of students in the needs assessment and designing the program