Yes, the student may apply for certification/certification remains valid so long as the student is enrolled in a CLEP course.

CLEP course need not be a stand-alone course, it could also be through integration or substitution. Absence of action from LEB at the time certification was issued does not affect the validity of the latter; Certification will not be affected so long as the student enrolled in a course that is recognized by the LEB as a CLEP course. Recognition from the LEB may be obtained before, during or after the application for certification.


  • See LEB Memorandum Order No. 23 s.2020 Re: Guidelines for the Integration of Clinical Legal Education in the Basic Law Curriculum (LEBMO No. 23)
  • Important for Law School Administration:

Sec. 9 of the Revised Rule 138-A states that it is the duty of the dean or the authorized representative to endorse qualified students as LSP; such endorsement is certification that the applicant is a student enrolled in the CLE course, etc. Students should not be misled that they were enrolled in a CLEP course even if they were not; Making false certifications may subject the dean or authorized representative to sanctions under the Rule (Sec. 13 (b))