The Level 1 Certification will not be revived, however Student A may re-apply for a Level 1 Certification to complete his or her CLEP requirements. Also, he or she may not re-apply for a Level 2 Certification until he or she has passed the failed 3rd year law courses.
Sec. 3 Eligibility Requirements of Law Student Practitioners. –
No law student shall be permitted to engage in any of the activities under the Clinical Legal Education Program of a law school unless the law student has applied for and secured the following certifications:


Level 2 certification, for law students currently enrolled
for the second semester of their third-year law courses: Provided however, where a student fails to complete all their third-year law courses, the Level 2 certification shall be deemed automatically revoked.

The certification issued shall be valid until the student has completed the required number of courses in the clinical legal education program to complete the law degree, unless sooner revoked for grounds stated herein.