1. Learn best practices from established law clinics;
2. Be informed of different set ups in the organization of law clinics; and
3. Derive ideas from experiences of established law clinics in designing own CLEP and law clinic.

About the Speaker

About the DLSU College of Law

The De La Salle University (DLSU) Juris Doctor (JD) program is envisioned to significantly influence national policy development, contribute to a heightened awareness of human rights in Philippine society, and play a critical role in human rights advocacy.

This program is anchored on the philosophy that legal education should serve as a means not only to equip the country’s young aspiring lawyers with technical knowledge and skills, but more importantly, to infuse social awareness, compassion and genuine love of country. They will be honed to make a significant impact on the strengthening of the rule of law in our culture and society and thus, lead in building a just, peaceful and economically stable Filipino nation.

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