This presentation provides essential information in the management and operations of a Law Clinic Helpdesk Hotline in law clinics. The training focuses on the basic guidelines for answering phone calls, basic phone etiquette, and basic legal 3 information and referral system for the network of free legal aid service providers. At the end of the session, the participants would be able to:

  1. Gain deeper understanding of the operations of Law Clinic Helpdesk Hotline as a way of providing accessible and affordable legal services to the underprivileged;
  2. Increase and develop their skills in handling legal aid-related phone calls, interviewing callers to elicit information to address their legal aid-related queries;
  3. Competently manage and supervise the operations of their respective Law Clinic Helpdesk Hotline; and
  4. Identify and make known the network of free legal aid service providers in the Philippines and in their respective localities.

Part 3 covers:

  1.  Procedure
  2. Phone Etiquette

Legal Aid Helpdesk and Hotline Manual – https://bit.ly/2QSTsHV

Legal Aid Helpdesk and Hotline Manual Training Module – https://bit.ly/3fLj0iO

About the Speaker

Atty. Warren Concepcion is a consultant of The Asia Foundation and part of the technical working group that drafted the Law Clinic Protocol & Manual and the Law Clinic Helpdesk Hotline Manual. He advocates free legal aid to promote more access to justice for all. He is currently the Law Clinic Director of the Office of the Legal Aid of the Lyceum of Philippines University – Makati. He was the former Legal Aid Director of the Office of the Legal Aid of Centro Escolar University – Makati. He also served as Supervising Attorney for CEU OLA and DLSU DLAC. He currently teaches Banking Laws at the Universidad de Manila and Legal Counseling at the Lyceum of the Philippines University – Makati. He taught Clinical Legal Education and Apprenticeship subjects at Centro Escolar University – Makati. He is also a volunteer lawyer of the Philippine Jesuit Prison Service, a social apostolate ministry of the Philippine Jesuits.